Vehicle fleet

Our vehicle fleet

At Eurotrasporti, we have set up a wide range of means of transport at our customers’ disposal, capable of responding in the best possible way to every need and every type of goods transport, both nationally and to reach the most important European destinations quickly.

The quality of our service is testified by our long-lasting collaboration with important companies in the north-east.

Our fleet is made up of vans, panel vans, tractor-trailers, curtain sided vehicles, and vehicles designed for the transport of hanging garments.

In particular, our fleet consists of:

Vans: length 4.50m, width 2.10m, height 2.20m;
Trucks: length 9.60 m, width 2.45 m, height 2.80 m;
Trucks: length 13.60m, width 2.45m, height 2.80m.
Tractor unit: length 6 m, width 2.40 m, height 2.50 m
Tractor unit: length 8 m, width 2.45 m, height 2.80 m

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