Eurotrasporti offers a logistics service for incoming and outgoing goods and material verification with customer documentation. The data are then uploaded into the computer system.

Warehouses of various sizes are available.

Logistics, storage and goods transport

Logistics is essential for the proper management of goods transport.
We pay particular attention to this phase of the work, which is fundamental for managing the warehouse and planning the daily flow of goods, optimising the physical distribution of products, right up to the final delivery of the goods.
Today we can take advantage of a warehouse of over 1500 square metres in Treviso (with a customs area with technical assistance from our staff) and a new warehouse of 2000 square metres in Casale sul Sile, both equipped and optimised for the daily handling of goods, both incoming and outgoing.
All operations performed in the warehouse are studied and tested to guarantee the best national and international transport service to our customers.
Shipments destined for the Italian territory take place daily, while those for the main European locations are weekly.

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